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United Grand Lodge of England

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About Us

We are a lodge with a loyal group of members spread across many parts of the country.  We share our meetings with another London Lodge at Freemasons’ Hall in the heart of London.  

A Lodge is the basic organisational unit in Freemasonry.  All Lodges operate independently of each other but follow a pattern set by governing bodies; in our case, these are the Metropolitan Grand Lodge and the United Grand Lodge of England.

The Lodge formed from the United Arts Rifles Regiment which was one of the first volunteer regiments formed in response to the outbreak of the Great War.   

Our connection to the building of Freemasons’ Hall

In the wake of the First World War, a great wave of social change swept across the country and, in September 1919, a call came to fund the cost of building a new London headquarters for UK Freemasonry as a permanent memorial of the national sacrifice. Internal debate ensued about whether it would be better to raise money to fund financial support for returning soldiers or other charitable aims which was resolved in January 1920 by a launch of a campaign to raise £1m to build new premises in central London.

By 1927, building work commenced in Great Queen Street, London and those Lodges which had contributed an amount equivalent to 10 guineas per member were awarded a memorial medal known as a “Hall Stone Jewel” to be worn by the Master of each recipient Lodge and his successors.  Former members of United Arts Rifles Lodge and 1,320 other Lodges were awarded this memorial medal.

If our history and make up sound interesting to you and you would like to find out how to join London Freemasonry, then follow this link and make contact with us.